Hi everyone, I want to show you some of my favorite pieces from Zara that I ordered online. I love their current spring/summer collection, it’s fun, colorful and very classy as well. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been too good the past weeks. So, it’ll probably take a while before I’ll actually be able to wear them outside, but I like to be prepared. With every outfit I have listed the price and reference number so it will be easy to find. So I hope you enjoy this Zara haul.

In my first outfit I’m wearing a mint green matching suit. It has a blazer and skort with pretty buttons on them. The fabric is kind of tweed-like. The blazer is cropped. I really like this set, it’s a little like a business look to wear in summer. It’s also very comfortable to wear and the blazer is lined. Both items I wear in a size S.

Reference number of the blazer: 2845/177 Price: $89.90 or 59,95 euro. Reference number of skort: 2846/177 Price $39.90 or 29,95 euro.

In my second outfit I’m wearing a nude/cream pair of shorts. I got them in a size XS. On the website photo they seemed a little big, so that’s why I ordered a smaller size. I really like this pair of shorts, it has a zipper in the front and it’s high waisted. It’s a classy pair of shorts.

Shorts reference: 3279/049 Price: $39.90 or 25,95 euro.

Zara cream coat

Next up is this really pretty and elegant coat. It’s a cream colored and I ordered it in a size S. I really like cream colored coats for in spring/summer. So if you’re looking for a new coat for when the days get warmer, I can definitely recommend this one. On Zara it’s actually listed as a blazer, but I prefer it as a coat.

Coat reference: 2374/700 Price: $89.90 or 59,95 euro.

So my next item is this coral skirt. It has a split on the side als buttons all the way down. I really love the color of the skirt, it’s nice and bright. A big recommendation if you’re looking for a basic skirt to wear in summer. I got it in a size S.

Skirt reference: 7385/190 Price: $35.90 or 19,95 euro.

Zara girl wearing white blouse

The another item I bought is this white blouse with pearl buttons. It’s a little on the shorter side. However, because of how short I am for me it’s perfect. The buttons are very pretty. The blouse also has a bow collar, but I prefer not to tie it. I got it in a size S.

Blouse reference: 3017/478 Price: $39.90 or 29,95 euro.

zara girl wearing white dress

So the final item I got it this white dress. It’s kind of like a blouse dress. The fabric is very light and stretchy, so it’s very comfortable. The neckline however is a little low, so I prefer to wear a top underneath. But over all, it’s a very elegant dress and I will definitely enjoy wearing it this summer. I also got this in a size S. You can wear it in a lot of different ways because of the bow. But again, I prefer not to tie it.

Dress reference: 4661/118 Price: $49.90 or 39,95 euro.

Guess nude pumps

These are the shoes I wore with every outfit. They’re nude heels from Guess. I’m not sure if they’re still available, but they’re pretty common and basic. Guess is one of the few brands that carries my shoe size, so I really like this brand.

The white top I wore in every outfit is from a brand called Only, I bought it a few years ago for 10,- euro (which is about $12).

So I hope you enjoyed this Zara haul. Zara is personally one of my favorite stores to go to. They have affordable prices and nice quality items. Website: https://www.zara.com. Feel free to leave a comment and be sure to check out my other posts: How to shop during a 10-30 mins shopping appointment, How to motivate yourself to work out, The DIY at-home spa.

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