Hi everyone, today I will talk to you about the spring summer trends of 2021. Spring has already started, but in the Netherlands the weather unfortunately hasn’t been so good. However, I like to be prepared for when the temperature’s get higher. So let’s have a look at some of the upcoming trends this season.

  1. Monochrome, black & white The first trend I’d like to discuss with you is the monochrome trend. It’s basically the idea of having something composed of one color. This season you see a lot of black and white on the catwalk. I definitely like this trend, I think with the right outfit combo it can look very chique.

2. Sparkle disco The second trend I really like, is the sparkle/chique disco trend. While we’re waiting for the pandemic to blow over, we are getting ready to party. Personally, I really like sparkles and shiny fabrics and I’m looking forward to wear it.

3. Stripes Another one of the trends this season is stripes. In every way, horizontal, vertical or oblique. It’s also all very colorful as you can tell. Stripes have made a big comeback, the trend actually started in the 20s and have developed over the years. Stripes can also make you appear taller or wider.

4. Midriff flossing Another spring/summer trend this year is the midriff flossing. You already saw it last year in a lot of bikinis, but now also in day wear. I think it can be very flattering to accentuate your waist. Though I’m not sure if I will contribute to this trend, it makes me a little uncomfortable to sit down with a trend like this. I do like it in bikinis however, so maybe that will be my way to contribute.

5. Cut outs Another similar fashion trend to the midriff flossing, is cut outs! This summer people want to show skin and another way to do that is with cut outs. I think cut outs can be really nice, I do however prefer to kind of balance it. So if I’ll be wearing a cut out top, maybe I’ll combine it with a high waisted pair of pants.

6. All shades of the ocean I personally love the color blue. So this again, is another trend I really love. It makes me long for being able to go on holiday and go to the beach. I really love the blue wool coat from Blumarine, it looks very elegant.

7. Flowy maxi-dresses This is also a favorite spring summer trend of mine. I love wearing flowy maxi dresses, they’re very comfortable and easy to wear. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for something to wear that can easily transition into something formal. To me, a maxi dress looks very nice without having to actually put in any effort into creating an outfit. I especially adore Valentino’s collection of maxi dresses this year. They’re very fun and colorful!

8. Fringe Another big spring/summer trend this season is everything fringe. Fringe skirts, fringe dresses, fringe bags. Personally, I don’t really like fringe so this isn’t something I will be wearing this season. But if you really like this trend than this is the time to wear it!

So these are some of the biggest spring summer trends. Which do you like or hate most? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you don’t want to miss another article, subscribe to my newsletter. Be sure to check out my other articles: ZARA Haul, 14 Things to do during lockdown, How to shop during a 10-30 mins shopping appointment. I also made a video on my Instagram in which I showed some of the trends, be sure to watch it!

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