We all know the struggle of being bored, especially now during the pandemic. We’re all bored out of our minds and have no where to go! So here I have some tips on what you can do during the lockdown.

1. Pick up a new hobby Have you always wanted to try out singing or playing the piano? Now is your time! The one silver-lining about corona and the lockdown is that you can reinvent yourself, and what better way to do that than to start picking up a new hobby.

2. Learn a new language Personally, I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, it’s such a beautiful language and now I actually have the time to do so. You can do it the old-fashioned way by buying a book, or you can download an app that will help you. There are also a lot of online courses you can try out now during lockdown.

3. Painting Another fun lockdown tip is painting helps a lot of people dealing with their emotions, and it can also make you create something nice to hang on the wall. There are actually online painting courses you can follow for those who don’t know how to start. Some painting classes are even created so you can do it with a few friends and they add a bottle of wine to it. What’s more fun than that?

4. Talk to strangers online and make new friends Another thing you might enjoy is to meet new people online, this can be done in multiple ways. Maybe a nice online community? Some people through social media? Maybe through websites like Omegle? It’s becoming very popular now, since a lot of people are more lonely due to the lockdown.

5. Write Writing can also be an emotional outlet, personally I really enjoy writing especially if it’s about something I enjoy! Maybe you can start your own blog, or write poems or a book.

6. Take a walk in the park Another thing that might be fun, if the weather is up for it, is to take a walk by yourself through the park. It’s also good to get a little bit of exercise everyday and some fresh air might do you good!

7. Reach out to old friends Over the years you’ve probably had a lot of friends with whom you’ve lost contact. Maybe this is the perfect time to reconnect. How is that friend you met during your holiday in Italy? Or your old friend you knew since kindergarten? I’m sure they will appreciate it as well!

8. Bake Another thing I also really enjoy is baking, there are a lot of things you can bake. Maybe a nice pastry from another country you’ve always wanted to try or try making your own bread.

9. A movie marathon Also a fun idea is to do a movie marathon, maybe all the Marvel movies or the Harry Potter movies. You can get some snacks and maybe ask a friend to join you, whether it’s in real life or just online. 

10. Re-decorate Get out your creative side, and re-decorate your room or house. I always like to check out rooms and houses on Pinterest, you might see something you really like and that would go perfectly in your house!

11. Walk someone else’s dog Another fun idea might be to walk someone else’s dog (or your own, if you have one). You can walk them in the park and play with them and maybe you would be helping out that old lady who lives across the street who has a bad hip.

12. Read a new book Something that can also be fun is reading a book. If you have an exciting book you can get really caught up in it and you won’t want to put it away! I personally really enjoy thrillers.

13. Do an at-home spa If you haven’t read my other post yet, you might want to if this idea fun to you! The DIY at-home spa Get some scented candles, face masks, some friends and you’re ready to go!

14 Join a club I’ve recently joined a student entrepreneurship network. I’ve only talked to them online but it’s a lot of fun and you might create a nice network! You can join clubs that are about that videogame you like, or for people who watch the same Netflix show as you.

I hope this might help you do something during the lockdown! If you have any tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment and check out my other posts: How to shop during a 10-30 mins shopping appointment, 8 Tips on hosting a dinner.

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