Are you currently looking for a way to relax after a stressful week? Do you want a moment for yourself? Or are you just looking for a fun day? Keep on reading! I’ll share my DIY spa at home tips with you!

Light some nice scented candles I usually start off by lighting some nice smelling candles, I recommend using a candle with a vanilla, eucalyptus or lavender scented candles. These are typical spa scents that will help you relax, a little bit of aroma therapy is definitely a must for the DIY spa experience.

Fill up a nice bath  Another must for your DIY spa at home, who doesn’t enjoy taking a nice long bath? I sure do! I fill the bathtub, and put in a mixture of bath oil, bath salts and foaming soap. Again, with a very nice smell. I really enjoy the products of the brand Rituals, this is of origin a Dutch brand but they currently have stores all over the world and I definitely recommend it:

Create your own steam room Another tip is creating your own steam room. What I do is, I close the bathroom door and turn on my shower on and put it on the hottest option. After a few minutes your bathroom will be filled with steam, and there you have it, your own steam room! I also often use some kind of eucalyptus scented oil to make the bathroom smell nice and to really create that actual spa idea.

Put on a face mask Also, an easy idea is to put on a nice face mask. Before I put on a face mask I always scrub my face, that way the mask will be more effective. 

Massaging yourself One of the things that is more difficult to do yourself at home is massaging. However, there are a lot of tools that make it more easy for people to do it themselves. I’m talking about jade rollers, massage bars or wooden balls you could roll on your shoulders. Obviously it’s not quite as relaxing as an actual massage, but hey, anything helps!

Put on some spa music What I also like to do, is to look for a ‘spa music’ playlist on Spotify to make the spa experience more realistic. It’s almost as if you’re at a real spa! My favorite playlist:

Give yourself a mani and pedi Things like a fresh mani- and pedicure are the kind of things you usually may not have the time for. You have to keep sitting still for it to dry. But during an at-home spa it’s kind of the point to relax a little, so then waiting for your nails to dry isn’t so bad.

Get a magazine or book If you’re like me and you can’t just sit still and do nothing for a couple of hours, I recommend getting a nice magazine or book to read. This will make it a little bit less boring.

Get yourself some healthy snacks and drinks One of the things I think goes well with a spa day, is a bunch of nice healthy snacks. Maybe a fruit salad or a smoothie, I always really enjoy it and it makes me feel good as well. I always hate the feeling I get after eating unhealthy. Also a nice drink, some cucumber-mint water, very refreshing! But obviously a nice glass of white wine can be very relaxing as well ;).

So I hope my tips may be helpful to you! It’s also something you can do with a few friends, making a fun and relaxing day of it! If you have any other tricks or tips yourself you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment and be sure to check out my other posts: 14 Things to do during lockdown, How to shop during a 10-30 mins shopping appointment, 8 Tips on hosting a dinner.

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